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My PushButton Engine Experience Week 3...7

Serialization, Serialization...

Posted Date: 2010-08-24   Posted Time: 01:24:59
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Error creating AIR file: 103: ERROR

Created: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 @ 12:22 PM  

I was creating a build of one my AIR applications this morning and I get, "Error Creating AIR file: 103: ERROR, application.icon". I was like, what the h*** is that. I had an idea of where the problem may have occurred because I had just changed the .app.xml file, but upon first glance I really didn't see anything wrong.

Turns out, that when you get that error it is because of something being out of whack in your .app.xml file. I had un-commented a piece of code in there that should not have been and that was the cause of the error. So be careful editing your app config file.

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