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My PushButton Engine Experience Week 3...7

Serialization, Serialization...

Posted Date: 2010-08-24   Posted Time: 01:24:59
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Flash Camp Phoenix 2010 is Here

Created: Friday, January 29, 2010 @ 10:52 AM  

Today is Flash Camp Phoenix, sponsored by Universal Mind and University of Advancing Technology. It suppose to be a feature packed day of presentations by some well known speakers. Discussing topics such as:

- Creating Custom Spark Components in Flex 4
- 3D in Flash and Flex
- Programmatic Drawing in Flex
and much more. you can view more details here.

This event is taking place today January 29, 2010. Speakers include both Ryan Stewart and Sarge Sargent from Adobe; David Tucker, Christian Saylor, Dan Holth, Kevin Fauth, and Dan Orlando from Universal Mind; and Carl Smith from nGen Works. Its exciting to see the Flash/Flex community here in phoenix come alive with an event of this caliber. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going with more great events such as this one.

Unfortunately I won\'t be able to attend because I am tied up planning my wedding for March, so I look forward to hearing what you guys that are attending have to say about what went on!

***Update March 02, 2010
Here are some presentation slides from the event:

-Creating Custom Spark Components in Flex4
-The Art of Story Telling
-Programmatic Drawing in Flex
-Articles on ORM for the AIR Developer

more to come...

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