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iMod - (Software for the Mortgage Industry)

We are currently in development of a Loan Modification software for brokers across the country.

The product boast such features as:

  • Ease of use
  • Loan Modification Scenarious
  • Clear "Pass" or "Fail"
  • Projected mortgage rates
  • Seamless product updates
  • Autogenerated lender documents in pdf format on the fly
  • Data synchronization utilizing the data management capabilities of weborb java
  • NEW Help Me Assistant, intended to reduce training cost and time

Upcoming Products

iMod (Software for the Mortgage Industry)

      I Mod Screenshots:       

iMod Login Screen
[ Log In Screen ]:
iMod New Applicant Screen
[ New Applicant ]:
iMod Applicant Pipeline View
[ Applicant Pipeline ]:
iMod H.A.M Program
[ H.A.M Program ]: